Tesla China gathers massive fleet of new Model 3 from Giga Shanghai

Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla is yet to start deliveries of the new Model 3 to customers in China. In the meantime, Gigafactory Shanghai appears to be keeping itself busy by producing new Model 3 units for exports to foreign territories such as Europe. 

The new Model 3 is one of Tesla’s most highly-anticipated vehicles today, likely just behind the extremely polarizing Cybertruck. So far, early reviews of the new Model 3 from professional and amateur reviewers have been very positive, with some stating that the update to the all-electric sedan made an already excellent car even better. 

Inasmuch as the excitement surrounding the new Model 3 is palpable, consumer deliveries of the revamped all-electric sedan are yet to begin. This is quite true in China, where the all-electric sedan is displayed in some Tesla stores. Longtime Tesla watcher Wu Wa, in a recent video upload, observed that Giga Shanghai seems to be allotting its resources to exporting the new Model 3 to the European market, at least for now. 

This was quite evident in a recent drone flyover of the Shanghai Southport Terminal. As could be seen in the Tesla watcher’s footage, a massive fleet of new Model 3 sedans is currently waiting to be exported. Footage of the area showed that several sections of the terminal are covered in new Model 3 units, suggesting that Giga Shanghai’s production ramp of the vehicle is well underway. 

Overall, the sighting of the massive new Tesla Model 3 fleet at the Shanghai Southport Terminal suggests that Gigafactory Shanghai’s production ramp for the vehicle is going smoothly. Hopefully, Giga Shanghai could quickly maximize its Model 3 output this Q4 2023, especially considering the company’s target of 1.8 million vehicles this year. 

Watch a drone flyover of Tesla’s Model 3 Highland fleet at the Shanghai Southport Terminal in the video below. 

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Tesla China gathers massive fleet of new Model 3 from Giga Shanghai
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