Tesla may offer Cybertruck wraps within six months of initial deliveries

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There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Tesla’s vehicle wraps recently, with many pre-production Cybertrucks recently being spotted on public roads with unique wraps. Additionally, alongside news that Tesla is rolling out wraps for a few of its other cars, it seems to be confirmed that the automaker also plans to offer colored wraps for the Cybertruck not long after the electric pickup’s first deliveries.

Tesla launched seven new color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y on Tuesday evening, leading many to wonder if the urethane-based films will also be available for the forthcoming Cybertruck. Since then, Teslascope shared on X that Cybertruck wraps will be available within the first six months of the vehicle’s initial deliveries, following multiple weeks of viewers spotting wrapped versions of the electric truck on public roads.

In the post, Teslascope says that the news of the Cybertruck wrap offerings was a “had to wait until it was hinted at publicly before we share it” scenario. The account also says that the wraps are expected to range from $8,000 to $12,000, though no prices have been publicly shared yet for the services.

At least seven different Cybertruck wraps have been spotted over the past few months, including some made to look like a Ford F-150 and a Toyota Tundra, along with a unique digital camo wrap, two graffiti-style wraps and more still. The sightings have caused wide speculation as to whether or not Tesla would offer in-house wraps, and the announcement of wraps for its other vehicles seems to confirm the automaker’s plans.

The news comes on the same day that Tesla launched new PPF wraps for its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, ranging in price from $7,500 to $8,000. The Model 3 and Model Y wraps are now available in the following colors and prices:

$7,500 Tesla Model 3/Model Y wraps

  • Satin Stealth Black: $7,500
  • Slip Grey: $7,500

$8,000 Tesla Model 3/Model Y wraps

  • Glacier Blue
  • Satin Rose Gold
  • Forest Green
  • Satin Ceramic White
  • Crimson Red

It’s not clear exactly what wraps will be available for the Cybertruck, though all of those recently spotted have featured more than just static color. Instead, they’ve all featured dynamic color options and interesting designs after CEO Elon Musk said in 2020 that the Cybertruck could be wrapped in any color or pattern.

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Tesla may offer Cybertruck wraps within six months of initial deliveries
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