Tesla China wholesale figures rise 16.74% to 72,573 units in May 2024

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Data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has indicated that Tesla China sold 72,573 wholesale units in May 2024. This number includes vehicles that were exported abroad and sold in the domestic Chinese automotive market. 

Tesla China’s May 2024 wholesale numbers indicate that the electric vehicle maker’s sales saw a 16.74% increase from the 62,167 units that were sold wholesale in April 2024. However, Tesla China’s May 2024 results are still down 6.59% from the 77,695 units that were sold wholesale in May 2023.

Considering Tesla China’s results from last month, it appears that the electric vehicle maker has sold 355,616 vehicles from January to May 2024. This number is impressive, but it still represents a 7.12% drop from the 382,859 units that were sold wholesale in the same period last year, as noted in a report from CNEV Post

Tesla China is home to Giga Shanghai, which stands as the company’s largest vehicle production facility by output. It is also Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub. Thus, the Tesla Model 3 sedans and Tesla Model Y crossovers that are produced at Giga Shanghai are not just delivered in China. They are delivered to customers worldwide, from Europe to countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

Tesla China seems to be entering the final month of the second quarter on a strong note, with new vehicle registrations in the week ending June 2, 2024 reaching 15,200 units. If Tesla China can continue this momentum in the closing weeks of Q2, the company’s 2024 results could get closer to last year’s stellar numbers. 

Tesla China’s numbers this 2024 so far are lower compared to 2023, though the gap seems to be improving. In Tesla China’s domestic sales alone, the gap between 2024 and 2023’s results has improved by a notable degree. During the week ending April 21, for example, Tesla China’s 2024 domestic sales were down 12% year-over-year, but as of the week ending June 2, Tesla China’s domestic sales were just down 2.9% year-over-year

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Tesla China wholesale figures rise 16.74% to 72,573 units in May 2024
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