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Tesla’s Cyber-F-150 continues traveling in California

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The Tesla Cybertruck wrapped as a Ford F-150 is all the buzz currently, and more images of the vehicle have emerged as the pickup is being spotted in California.

We have decided to refer to it as Tesla’s Cyber-F-150.

The mysterious case of the F-150-wrapped Cybertruck rages on, and fans and enthusiasts want to know why Tesla did this. Perhaps it is due to Tesla’s long reputation as a company that does things a little bit differently. Perhaps it is to show off the wide range of vehicle wraps that will be available to customers in the future.

Or perhaps there is truly no reason at all other than “just because.”

The Cyber-F-150 was first spotted earlier this week when images of the vehicle inside a garage emerged. The legitimacy of the images was first challenged by early admirers, but it became overwhelmingly obvious days later when the truck as spotted on the road.

Tesla trolls Ford as Cybertruck dressed as F-150 hits the streets

While Cybertruck sightings are not necessarily a rarity in recent memory, this is a whole different animal.

The Cybertruck has been wrapped in various camouflage patterns for the past few months, but this camo pattern is unique, to say the least.

New images of the Cybertruck on a hauler in Livermore, California, located northeast of Fremont, where Tesla has a production facility, were posted today.

These new images give a unique perspective on the wrap and how realistic it actually appears to be. However, there is no denying that it looks interesting (or ridiculous) on the unique shape that Tesla brought to the table with its first all-electric pickup.

Tesla is likely using this unit for testing and validation around California, which it has been performing for some time, according to the Shareholder Deck, it released just 90 minutes before the Earnings Call that occurred last Wednesday.

However, Tesla has a unique strategy of stirring up buzz on its vehicles ahead of a production launch, which it still plans to initiate, along with first deliveries, before the end of the year.

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Tesla’s Cyber-F-150 continues traveling in California
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