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Tesla Cybertruck wins over 1 in 4 truck buyers: survey

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A new survey published by AmericanTrucks found that just over 1 in 4 truck owners considering switching to an electric truck would buy the Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s no secret that the truck category is one of the largest and most profitable segments in the U.S. car market. From small-town America to the biggest cities, you will find countless Ford F-150s, Chevy Silverados, and RAM 1500s. Now, as Tesla is on the cusp of entering that highly lucrative market, AmericanTrucks.com surveyed potential buyers to find what electric trucks they were interested in. They found that 27% of those considering switching to an electric truck would buy a Tesla Cybertruck.

Overall, the AmericanTrucks survey found that 35% of respondents were interested in switching to an electric truck, with most planning to do so in the next 2-6 years. Expectedly, the most popular electric truck was the Ford F-150 Lightning, followed by the  Tesla Cybertruck and the Chevy Silverado EV. Shockingly, the only other electric truck currently in production, the Rivian R1T, was ranked 5th, behind the nonexistent “Toyota Tacoma EV.”

Credit: AmericanTrucks

Perhaps more surprisingly, only 9% of respondents stated they would never switch to an electric truck. However, those who were on the fence had four primary concerns. Over 50% of respondents said that they would be more likely to buy an electric truck if the offerings had more range (68%), access to more charging locations (64%), shorter charging time (60%), and/or charging that was cheaper than filling up with gas (59%).

Credit: AmericanTrucks

Detailing their most significant concern, on average, respondents stated that an electric truck would need at least 292 miles of range for them to consider it.

Questions regarding the Tesla Cybertruck pointed out some more brand-specific hurdles the upcoming truck must overcome. 56% of respondents believed the Tesla Cybertruck “isn’t a ‘real’ truck,” likely influenced by the Cybertruck’s lack of time on the market and people’s general lack of knowledge about the upcoming vehicle. This was shown quite clearly when respondents were asked when the truck would be launched, with only 7% believing it would be this year.

The Tesla Cybertruck certainly has a mountain to climb as it enters one of North America’s most competitive vehicle segments. With most consumers already pledging their allegiance to a specific brand, Tesla will need to introduce something truly revolutionary to attract buyers (hopefully) later this year.

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Tesla Cybertruck wins over 1 in 4 truck buyers: survey
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