Tesla Cybertruck reservation holder publishes children’s book about the ‘Ugly Truckling’

Long-time Tesla customer Diego Martinez published a children’s book about the Cybertruck titled The Ugly Truckling: The Story of My Cybertruck.

Before Christmas, Martinez talked with Teslarati about his new book, The Ugly Truckling. He specifically spoke about his inspiration for the children’s book and why it was so important to publish it. 

The Ugly Truckling: The Story of my Cybertruck is about integrity. It’s about being who you are and having the guts to act on what you observe. If everyone did that, the world would be a better place. We all just need to keep working towards the future. We have a bright, beautiful future here on Earth. It’s been a joy to get this book into people’s hands, both Cybertruck fans and haters,” he told Teslarati

For Martinez, The Ugly Truckling is a book for any age. He emphasized that the book allows adults to see the Cybertruck through a child’s eyes. 

When it was unveiled a few years ago, the Tesla Cybertruck drew all kinds of attention—and not all of it was good. Many criticized the design of the Cybertruck and still do to this day. But not many of those critics are children. Like with many things in life, society often forgets to consider the opinions of children. Martinez’s The Ugly Truckling delves into the thoughts a child would have about the Cybertruck. 

“I feel this book is special in that it gets you to see this incredible truck through the eyes of a child, so it’s great to introduce this book around Christmas time. We get to see how it changes and makes the main character see the world a little bit differently. I’m so happy when people read this story. lt’s like I have a part in changing the world a little bit,” commented Martinez.

Martinez is no stranger to Tesla and the company’s work to bring electric cars into the mainstream car market. He was reservation holder #580 for the Tesla Model S after an email from Elon Musk about Project White Star. Years later, he reserved the Cybertruck on the first day it was available. 

Martinez is also no stranger to children since he is an award-winning public school educator in southern Colorado. He understands how children absorb knowledge and how they perceive the world. As a teacher, Martinez is on a quest to contribute to a modern education system emphasizing proficiency-based learning. 

In a sense, Martinez brought two of his greatest interests—electric cars and education—together in The Ugly Truckling, hoping it would bring more joy, love, and understanding into the world. 

Speaking about people’s reactions to his book, Martinez said: 

“There is a little less hate in the world. There’s more understanding and more love. I’ve heard haters say, ‘I’m starting to like the Cybertruck,’ that brings me joy. When people see the Cybertruck, they quickly judge despite such little knowledge. They don’t know what it took to bring this idea to life. I think of it like Tesla is bringing a child or a little baby into the world. There are a lot of similarities to the story of Christmas, in the initial skepticisim and ridicule when your’e new to the world. Welcome to Earth little truckling. It’s a cold world, but you’ll shine bright.” 

Diego Martinez’s The Ugly Truckling: The Story of My Cybertruck is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Elon Musk received his copies of the book in early December 2023.

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Tesla Cybertruck reservation holder publishes children’s book about the ‘Ugly Truckling’
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