Bullet-tested Tesla Cybertruck to be displayed at Petersen Museum

Credit: Tesla

Like it or hate it, the Tesla Cybertruck is a historic piece of machinery. The Cybertruck unit that underwent a completely-unnecessary-but-undoubtedly-cool bullet test, even more so. It is then no surprise that the Petersen Automotive Museum recently announced on social media that new Cybertrucks will be on display starting December 18, 2023, including the unit that underwent some “Al Capone” style testing. 

The display of the bullet-ridden Cybertruck was posted on the Petersen Automotive Museum’s official Instagram page. In its post, the museum highlighted the Cybertruck’s tough exterior, which gives the vehicle’s steel panels their bulletproof nature. 

“New Cybertrucks on display starting December 18. Here’s a sneak peek at the model that underwent a bullet test. The truck uses 1.8mm thick stainless super alloy on its doors which allows it to truly be bulletproof,” the museum wrote. 

The Cybertruck’s bullet tests were spotted by the electric vehicle community even before the vehicle started its deliveries on November 30, 2023. Back in October, a Cybertruck was spotted in the wild showing evident signs of bullet damage. At the time, electric vehicle watchers could only speculate that the vehicle was probably being tested against some firearms. 

Elon Musk later provided some important context, stating that Tesla had “emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style.” Musk was quite proud of the achievement then, noting on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that “no bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment.”

A video of the actual bullet test was showcased during the Cybertruck’s first delivery event. The test was listed as one of the Cybertruck’s feats of strength. In a behind-the-scenes video that was later posted on social media by the electric vehicle maker, it was revealed that the Cybertruck was actually tested against four different types of firearms

Apart from the Tommy Gun, the all-electric pickup truck was also shot with a Glock, an MP5-SD, and a 12-gauge M4 shotgun. The Cybertruck weathered the shots from all of the firearms, though its body panels actually received some minor damage from the shotgun’s bullets. Despite this, however, the shotgun bullets still did not damage the interior of the all-electric pickup truck. 

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Bullet-tested Tesla Cybertruck to be displayed at Petersen Museum
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