Car design legend dubs Tesla Cybertruck as “Picasso of automobiles”

Credit: Tesla

Tesla set out to make something different when the company decided to release the Cybertruck. And with the all-electric pickup truck now being delivered to customers, one could state that the company really did make something special — and the world’s roads will never look the same. It takes a certain level of guts and unsoundness of mind, after all, to release a vehicle like the Cybertruck to the market. 

In a way, one could argue that designing and creating the Cybertruck was an exercise in deconstruction. It’s designed to do pickup truck things, but it comes in a package that does not look like a traditional pickup truck at all. And this, as per Italian design legend Giorgetto Giugiaro, effectively makes the Cybertruck the “Picasso of automobiles.” 

In a comment to Italian daily la Repubblica, Giugiaro noted that Picasso revolutionized the world of art because he had enough courage. “He was the artist of decomposition of reality,” he said. In this same light, Tesla also completely destroyed all expectations of how a pickup truck should look like when it released the Cybertruck. 

Giugiaro’s praise is a notable nod of recognition for Tesla’s stainless steel beast. The legendary automotive designer is behind the only other stainless steel production car that’s ever been released to consumers — the DeLorean DMC 12, a gull-winged, sporty-looking car that became iconic in movie history as the time machine in the Back to the Future franchise. 

Overall, the legendary car designer noted that the Cybertruck has what it takes to become a notable success, its rather strange design notwithstanding. “It will be hugely successful because people want to stand out. It does not represent the search for harmony and perfection but for emotion and robustness,” he said. 

Interestingly enough, Giugiaro’s son, Fabrizio, also gave credit to the Cybertruck. Unlike his father, however, Fabrizio, who is also a car designer, shared some praise for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “I give Elon Musk credit for having courage and understanding people’s desire to stand out,” he said. 

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Car design legend dubs Tesla Cybertruck as “Picasso of automobiles”
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