Tesla Cybertruck gets a crazy snow track mod

Credit: @heavydsparks | Instagram

The Tesla Cybertruck got a crazy snow track mod from a notable content creator, and we can only imagine what is coming next.

Dave Sparks, known as HeavyDSparks on YouTube and Instagram, has fitted a Tesla Cybertruck with snowmobile tracks in what is one of the craziest mods we will probably ever see with the electric pickup:


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“When the vehicle is the exact same shape as the tracks. This is one of the most ridiculously amazing things that we have ever built. I am more excited to drive this than anything I have driven in a very long time,” Sparks said on his Instagram.

It’s not the first Tesla we’ve seen fitted with this type of modification. Back in 2020, lowlifeduramax did the same thing but to a Model 3, and showed how it could conquer some tricky, snow-covered trails.

Tesla Model 3 conquers icy trails with crazy snow track modification

We reached out to Dave regarding his plans for the Cybertruck, but did not receive an immediate response. Based on what he has done with other vehicles he’s fitted with these same tracks, many of us will be in for a treat.

Everything from Jeeps to school buses have gotten the track treatment from Dave Sparks, who shares his content on various platforms. We’ve seen some crazy rides from the various vehicles that have been fitted with these tracks, one more ridiculous than the last.

However, the Cybertruck is already a pretty capable vehicle in terms of snow, at least according to the intense winter testing Tesla put it through during its development. However, there is nothing quite like this interesting modification.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see the Cybertruck’s performance in the near future, and we await Dave Sparks’ content regarding the all-electric pickup and its trek through some treacherous snow-covered terrain and trails.

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Tesla Cybertruck gets a crazy snow track mod
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