Tesla Cybertruck proves impressive in deep water test

Credit: TechRax/YouTube

The Tesla Cybertruck is promoted as a vehicle that can go anywhere, come hell or high water. While it remains to be seen how the Cybertruck performs in extreme heat, a recent test has shown just how impressive the all-electric pickup truck is when it takes on the latter. 

Taras Maksimuk, who runs the YouTube channel TechRax, has made a reputation for torturing tech devices. From iPhones that are dropped in lava to Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are literally shot at, the YouTube host’s videos are as shocking as they are entertaining. Thus, when Maksimuk got ahold of a Cybertruck, his followers online knew some extreme tests were coming. 

The YouTube host has not posted much content on his Cybertruck, though he did perform a steel ball test on his all-electric pickup truck to check if the production Cybertruck could pass the steel ball test that infamously humbled the vehicle’s original 2019 prototype. As could be seen in TechRax’s video, the production Cybertruck’s windows can weather a steel ball fairly well. 

Quite unsurprisingly, Maksimuk recently posted a video of his Cybertruck being subjected to multiple deep water tests. The YouTube host opted to engage the Cybertruck’s Wade Mode for the task, and he opted to drive through several large puddles of water. The initial tests were already impressive as they showed that the Cybertruck could traverse flooded areas at speed. 

In true TechRax fashion, however, the YouTube host opted to escalate his tests on the Cybertruck, with the all-electric pickup truck eventually being driven through a disturbingly deep puddle of water. Videos of the test were astounding as the Cybertruck could be seen still driving through a flooded area despite only a portion of its body being visible above water. Such a test, if any, suggests that Elon Musk’s vision of a “Boat Mode” for the Cybertruck may eventually be feasible. 

To be fair, Teslas have garnered a reputation for being very proficient in driving through floods. Videos of Giga Shanghai-made Teslas, for one, have shocked social media users in the past as they depicted Model 3 sedans going through flooded roads that seemed too deep even for some crossover SUVs. 

Watch TechRax’s video on his Tesla Cybertruck deep water tests below. 

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Tesla Cybertruck proves impressive in deep water test
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