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Tesla Cybertruck delivery event livestream has a big flaw

Credit: Tesla

The anticipation for the Tesla Cybertruck is higher than ever. Social media posts from attendees of the Cybertruck’s first delivery event have started traveling to Gigafactory Texas. Tesla has also released an official press release providing some key details about the occasion. 

As per Tesla’s press release, the company will be sharing details about the all-electric pickup truck at the upcoming delivery event. The occasion will also be livestreamed. Tesla included a link to the Cybertruck delivery event’s broadcast in its press release, and this is where a key flaw in the program became very evident. 

Unlike Tesla’s past events, the Cybertruck’s first deliveries will only be livestreamed on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Previous events such as the Cyber Roundup, Cyber Rodeo, Tesla Semi delivery event, AI Day, and Investor Day were also livestreamed on YouTube

To be fair, it is quite understandable that Tesla would make its Cybertruck delivery event broadcast exclusive to X since Elon Musk owns the social media platform. Musk has promoted X as an ideal alternative to YouTube, but one cannot deny that the quality of YouTube’s livestreams are — at least for now — notably superior to X’s. 

This was something that was highlighted by SpaceX fans when the private space company opted to make its livestreams exclusive to X. At the time, several space enthusiasts complained on social media that the quality of SpaceX’s livestreams significantly dipped when the shift to X’s video streaming was implemented. 

YouTube is also available on numerous devices, including smart TVs. X’s video streaming service, at least for now, is not. Ironically enough, Tesla’s electric vehicles also have a dedicated YouTube app, but no X video streaming app. This means that Tesla fans who wish to watch the Cybertruck first delivery event from their vehicles would likely have to use their smartphones to access X’s livestream. 

X’s livestream for the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event can be accessed here.

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Tesla Cybertruck delivery event livestream has a big flaw
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