Muddy Tesla Cybertruck duo reported off-roading in Tahoe National Forest

Credit: Tesla Cybertruck Group/Facebook

The past weekend did not just include a sighting of the first ever matte black Tesla Cybertruck in the wild. It also provided some cool images of a Cybertruck duo at the Tahoe National Forest. 

The photos of the Cybertruck duo were posted at the Tesla Cybertruck Group on Facebook. As per Facebook user Rachel Robert Landon, who shared the all-electric pickup truck’s images to the Facebook Group, the Cybertrucks were driving over some Level 4 trails during the day.

Credit: Rachel Robert Landon/Facebook

The nature of the Cybertruck duo’s photos resulted in some confusion among Tesla skeptics online, some of whom pointed out that the Cybertrucks were just parked on a rather moderate trail and not at a “Level 4” area. In later comments, however, Landon clarified that the photos of the Cybertruck duo were taken after the vehicles’ off-roading session, not in the site’s Level 4 trails. 

Trail ratings for off-roading start at Level 1 for maintained dirt roads to Level 5+, which pertain to impassable trails that are likely to cause injuries or equipment failure, as noted by OF4WD. Level 4 trails are listed as “difficult trails,” which feature very rugged terrain with “water crossings of 24+”, large rocks to 15+”, deep mud, steep inclines, and side hills to 30 degrees.”

At such trails, vehicles are recommended to have limited slip differentials, large tires that are about 33+”, and lift kits, among others. Interestingly enough, such trails are also prone to damaging vehicles’ paintwork, which should be no issue to the Tesla Cybertruck. If the Tesla Cybertruck did survive a Level 4 trail at the Tahoe National Forest, then the all-electric pickup truck may indeed have some decent off-road capabilities. 

The off-road abilities of the production Cybertruck are yet to be announced, though full details about the vehicle will likely be released on November 30, the date of the all-electric pickup truck’s first delivery event. Expectations are high that the production Cybertruck would maintain some of its original prototype’s most notable features, and then some. 

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Muddy Tesla Cybertruck duo reported off-roading in Tahoe National Forest
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