Tesla design head spotted driving matte black Cybertruck

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The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in a handful of unique colors and designs over the last several weeks, the latest of which includes a new matte black that hasn’t yet been seen before — as driven by one of the automaker’s top executives.

Tesla’s Head of Design, Franz von Holzhausen, was seen driving a matte black Cybertruck in Santa Monica on Saturday, as spotted by X user AtomAntEater. In the clip, the vehicle can be seen with von Holzhausen behind the wheel outside of Santa Monica Teslas and Coffee before driving away.

The Cybertruck was also spotted in a separate video, as shared on TikTok by user sirfelix09. Similarly, that video shows the vehicle seen sitting in traffic for just a brief moment before it pulls away and turns left at an intersection before driving out of sight.

Additional close-up videos of the black Cybertruck were shared later in the day on Saturday, as can be seen below:

Cybertrucks with black paint and wraps have been widely speculated about over the years, and some have even shared their own renderings of what such a vehicle could look like in the past. This is the first time a black Cybertruck has been spotted in public; however, it shows off the ever-expanding set of wrap options that will seemingly be available to Cybertruck buyers.

Reports have suggested that Tesla may offer Cybertruck wraps within six months of the vehicle’s initial deliveries, the first of which are set to begin later this month at a Gigafactory Texas delivery event.

In recent months, Tesla’s Cybertruck has been spotted in a number of unique wraps, though this is the first we’ve seen of the vehicle in black, and in what appears to be a static wrap. Instead, Cybertrucks have been seen sporting multiple camo patterns, unique graffiti designs and parody designs of other automakers’ trucks, including the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said in 2020 that Cybertruck buyers would be able to wrap the vehicle in any color or pattern they choose. Last month, Tesla also launched static color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y, offering seven different paint colors.

Update 11/4/23: Updated to include close-up videos, and the second paragraph was edited for clarity and grammar.

Tesla launches wraps for Model 3 and Y in seven new colors

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Tesla design head spotted driving matte black Cybertruck
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