Tesla Cybertruck fan shares pop-top camper shell Cybertent alternative

Credit: Roger Davis/Cybertruck Owners Club

A Tesla Cybertruck enthusiast recently shared the results of a project that can only be described as a labor of love — a dedicated pop-top camper shell that could probably give the Cybertent a run for its money. 

As noted by Cybertruck Owners Club forum member Roger Davis, the CYBERTRUCKco modular roof rack/pop-top camper shell weighs just under 300 pounds and comes with a 3-inch memory foam mattress with reversible bedding. It also comes equipped with polycarbonate windows and rear door, as well as stainless steel top panels. 

Images shared by the Cybertruck enthusiast show that the pop-top camper shell integrates very well with the angular design of the all-electric pickup truck. Photos of the tent in its upright position also suggest that there is quite a lot of space for cargo and other important items under the camper’s mattress. 

In a later comment, Davis observed that the pop-top camper, despite raising the height of the Cybertruck, resulted in the all-electric pickup truck consuming 501 Wh/mi during a quick real-world test. That’s not too bad at all, especially considering that the person behind the wheel of the vehicle was reportedly a first-time Cybertruck driver. 

Overall, the pop-top camper shell has been received very well by the Tesla community, with some members of the Cybertruck Owners Club even stating that the aftermarket project seems like a superior alternative to Tesla’s own Cybertent. The Cybertent, while featuring a futuristic design, has attracted criticism over its complicated nature, its manual air pump, and its $2,975 price. 

Those who wish to acquire the item can click here to get updates on the project, though sales are expected to start around July 2024. 

Tesla Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill seems to be quite excited for the project, noting in a post on X that it would be interesting to see what other features could be baked into the pop-top camper. Needless to say, it would not be surprising if this pop-top camper becomes the first of many legitimately cool aftermarket Cybertruck accessories that are released for the all-electric pickup truck. 

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Tesla Cybertruck fan shares pop-top camper shell Cybertent alternative
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