Tesla Model X flexes strength by tanking frightening freak accident

A Model X owner is thanking Tesla’s focus on safety after he experienced a frightening freak accident involving a tool falling 10 stories down and straight into his all-electric SUV. 

A photo of the incident’s aftermath was shared by Belong Founder and CEO Ale Resnik, who noted that he was driving at Coral Gables, Florida when the accident happened. As per the executive, a stone chisel accidentally fell out of a construction worker’s hand and fell 10 stories down. 

In what could only be a frightening experience, the stone chisel hit what appeared to be the roof of the Tesla Model X. Resnik noted that the tool actually fell exactly where his child’s car seat was, so things could have gone terribly if the Model X’s roof did not hold up. Thankfully, the all-electric SUV weathered the impact and the cabin remained safe. 

The incident caught quite a lot of attention on social media, with Tesla’s official X handle noting that it was fortunate nobody was injured. Others praised Tesla for the company’s intense focus on safety, while critics argued that any vehicle in production today would have protected the cabin just the same. Resnik, for his part, is just thankful that no one was hurt due to the accident. 

Interestingly enough, Resnik also noted that just 15 minutes after the incident, he already had an appointment with a Tesla Shop and a quote for his Model X’s repair. Granted, the repair for such damage would likely be substantial, but any expense is worth it considering that the vehicle was able to protect the car’s occupants.

While Tesla receives a lot of criticism, it is undeniable that the company’s vehicles are among the safest on the road today. Elon Musk highlighted this as much during the 2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting, where he noted that while Tesla’s main mission is sustainability, the company is also dead serious about ensuring that its vehicles are as safe as possible. 

“While sustainability is our mission, we also have the goal of safety. Our cars are engineered to be some of the safest in the world and we take real-world data from our fleet, and our ability to push over-the-air updates to optimize safety for all our vehicle models,” Musk said. 

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Tesla Model X flexes strength by tanking frightening freak accident
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