Tesla Cybertruck with Tactical Grey interior deliveries are starting

The first deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck with Tactical Grey interior have started. Considering that the Cybertruck Foundation Series will be retired soon, Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series units with Tactical Grey interiors are poised to become a rare breed. 

Images and videos of a Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series with Tactical Grey interior were initially posted in the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. As per DoberManPin-Sure, one of the forum’s users, he recently took delivery of his Cybertruck Foundation Series unit. The Cybertruck Owners Club member noted that Tesla’s customer service during his delivery day was second to none. Customers were even treated to a light show from some of the vehicles that were being delivered. 

As per photos that have been shared of the Cybertruck Foundation Series with Tactical Grey interior, it would appear that the option is a bit lighter compared to the image that Tesla posted in the all-electric pickup truck’s configurator. Despite this, some members of the Cybertruck Owners Club noted that they still prefer Tactical Grey over the vehicle’s white interior, which gave the all-electric pickup truck’s cabin a rather soft and immaculate look. 

The Cybertruck’s Tactical Grey interior would likely be a popular option among drivers who would actually be using the all-electric pickup truck for work. The vehicle’s white interior, after all, could be quite risky if the Cybertruck is transporting work materials and equipment all the time. If any, Tactical Grey does make the Cybertruck’s cabin look more like that of a utility vehicle, making it perfect for clients that may use the all-electric pickup truck for their fleet, such as police departments, government agencies, and businesses. 

Interestingly enough, observations from longtime Tesla Giga Texas watcher Joe Tegtmeyer have suggested that the production of Cybertruck Foundation Series units with Tactical Grey interior likely started on June 26, 2024. Based on these estimates, it would appear that Cybertrucks with the new interior configuration would probably start with VINs in the 19,000-20,000 range. 

Watch Joe Tegtmeyer’s recent drone flyover of the Giga Texas complex in the video below. 

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Tesla Cybertruck with Tactical Grey interior deliveries are starting
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