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Tesla Cybertruck fetches $400k at 29th Petersen Gala auction: report

(Credit: Dirty Tesla/Twitter)

Reports from the electric vehicle community suggest that a low-VIN Tesla Cybertruck has been auctioned for $400,000. The auction was held on October 7, 2023, at the 29th Petersen Gala, which was hosted by automotive legend Jay Leno. 

As noted by Tesla, the vehicle that was auctioned off at the Petersen Museum was a low-VIN 2024 Cybertruck. Participants of the 29th Petersen Gala were allowed to bid for the vehicle. Initially, speculations were high that the Cybertruck may fetch a high price among the event’s attendees, considering the fact that a seat at the event costs $1,750 per person. 

As could be seen in a short video shared by Cybertruck enthusiast @greggerruck on social media, the bidding for the all-electric pickup truck was quite interesting as one of the attendees seemingly had their paddle “ripped” out of their hands. Ultimately, the Cybertruck was reportedly sold for $400,000, which is most definitely several times the vehicle’s consumer price.

It should be noted, however, that the Cybertruck’s $400,000 winning bid is quite a bit lower than the winning bids for other notable electric vehicles. The GMC Hummer EV pickup truck’s VIN 001 unit, for one, was sold for $2.5 million, and its sister vehicle, the GMC Hummer EV SUV, also sold its VIN 001 unit for $500,000. Both vehicles were auctioned for charity. 

That being said, it appears that the Cybertruck which was auctioned off was not necessarily VIN 001. Tesla, after all, only described the vehicle as a “low-VIN” unit. It still remains to be seen who will be driving the Cybertruck’s VIN 001 unit, though CEO Elon Musk is known to have kept some of Tesla’s VIN 001 vehicles in the past. These included the original Tesla Roadster VIN 001, which Musk personally drove. 

With this in mind, perhaps the $400,000 that the early-VIN Tesla Cybertruck fetched from the 29th Petersen Gala was not too bad at all. Considering that the Cybertruck could very well change the look of the roads forever, such a price would definitely be worth it. 

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Tesla Cybertruck fetches $400k at 29th Petersen Gala auction: report
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