Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels models enter ‘production hell’ with delivery delays

Credit: Mattel Creations

While construction on Tesla’s Cybertruck factory, Giga Texas, seems to be moving on schedule, Hot Wheels appears to be experiencing some form of “production hell” of its own with the 1:10 and 1:64 scale versions of the all-electric pickup truck. Recent emails to preorder holders of the Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels edition revealed that their orders would be delayed to May 2021

Both the 1:10 and 1:64 Hot Wheels Cybertruck models are sold out and were initially listed with an expected ship date of December 2020. The five-month delay may remind early Model 3 owners of Tesla’s production hell in 2018. At the time, Tesla Model 3 reservation holders also had to exercise some patience as the company struggled to ramp the mass production of its all-electric sedan. 

Redditor u/melancholicricebowl, who is also a Model 3 owner, shared an email about his limited edition 1:10 scale Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck reservation. It stated that his order would be delayed and asked him to re-confirm the order. A similar email for the same Reddit user’s 1:64 scale Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck order was sent later.

Official confirmation that Hot Wheels 1:10 Cybertruck has been delayed to May 2021 from r/teslamotors

The email concerning the Redditor’s 1:10 Hot Wheels Cybertruck stated there were production issues with the hobby grade-radio-controlled Cybertruck due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mattel Creations also decided to change the product’s battery specifications. 

“Battery spec update: Due to production challenges related to COVID-19, we wanted to share a change in the Cybertruck’s battery specifications. The new battery is a 9.6v @ 3Ah LiFePO4 model, with one hour of charge time and 30 minutes of run time. Don’t worry, this change shouldn’t affect its overall performance – it just means that it can reach up to 250mph scale speed!” the email stated.

The battery update may be a bold move for Mattel Creations, but one that might be appreciated by Tesla fans. Hot Wheels’ mini Cybertruck iteration will be equipped with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, similar to the China-Made Model 3 Standard Range Plus produced in Shanghai.

(Credit: Mattel Creations)

It seems like Mattel Creations will be giving Hot Wheels Cybertruck preorder holders an authentic Tesla experience, matching the EV company’s constant desire to improve the performance of their vehicles. 

The email about the 1:10 scale Hot Wheels Cybertruck also included a link to its carrying case. The Reddit user who shared the information commented on the delay, stating: “A bit disappointing that we didn’t get an update until now.”

To re-confirm a Hot Wheels Cybertruck order with Mattel, Redditor u/duckduckohno advises reservation holders to include their order number, order details, ship date, name, addressed, and confirmation number in their response.

Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels models enter ‘production hell’ with delivery delays
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