Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser looks ready for serious action

Credit: Unplugged Performance/X

A Tesla Cybertruck has been outfitted for police use, and it looks absolutely phenomenal. With its domineering presence and brutalist lines, the Cybertruck may very well be the perfect futuristic police vehicle. 

A video of a Cybertruck outfitted with police equipment was shared on social media by Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance, the company behind Dark Helmet, a Pikes Peak-winning Model S Plaid racecar. As could be seen in the video, Unplugged Performance’s UP.Fit police kit — which includes emergency lights on the roof and the side and a custom wrap — matches the Cybertruck very well. 

There are quite a number of advantages that a Cybertruck could offer law enforcement. It’s a pretty large vehicle, so it could carry a decent amount of tools, and its spacious cabin has enough space for all the custom equipment that police cruisers require. Modifying the second-row seats to hold perpetrators would probably not be a complicated matter either. 

So far, the reactions from the Tesla community to the Cybertruck police cruiser have been quite positive, with users in social media and forums like the Cybertruck Owners Club noting that the all-electric truck’s police cruiser version would be a perfect fit for a Hollywood movie. Others noted that with the addition of a push bumper, the Cybertruck police cruiser would look even more intimidating. Perpetrators would probably not want to be on the receiving end of a Cybertruck police cruiser’s pit maneuver, after all. 

Unplugged Performance’s UP.Fit line also includes a kit for the Model Y, which the company estimates would cost about $90,000 for the whole package. The Tesla tuner noted that its Model Y police vehicle could save police departments $27,012 over five years, at least compared to a Ford Police interceptor utility – Hybrid. But inasmuch as a Model Y police car is sensible and capable, there’s very little doubt that the Tesla Cybertruck just has so much more presence when it’s converted into a law enforcement unit. 

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Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser looks ready for serious action
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