Anaheim Police to deploy Tesla Model Y cruisers this week

Credit: u/roketman117 | Reddit

The Anaheim Police Department is set to begin a pilot program for six Tesla Model Y units on Monday, as the agency responds to a shortage of patrol cars.

The Tesla Model Y cruisers were outfitted for patrol service in a partnership with Unplugged Performance’s UP.FIT government and fleet vehicle company, as detailed in a press release on Friday. According to Police Chief Rick Armendariz, the Model Y units were chosen because of an ongoing vehicle shortage in the department, due to supply chain issues, delivery delays, alongside an urgent need to replace old patrol cars.

“Due to our patrol vehicle shortage, we had to seek out alternative vehicle options, which led us to explore utilizing Teslas as police vehicles,” Armendariz said. “We are enhancing public safety for Anaheim by getting patrol vehicles into service faster.”

One Reddit user also spotted the Model Y vehicles being used for a photoshoot in Anaheim last week, as can be seen below:

Credit: u/roketman117 | Reddit

Credit: u/roketman117 | Reddit

Credit: u/roketman117 | Reddit

The department says it was able to purchase the vehicles from Tesla’s available inventory, quickly working with Unplugged to outfit them for patrol. While the press release didn’t disclose how much the department paid for the Model Y units, the most affordable inventory Model Y on Tesla’s website in the Anaheim area is selling for $41,390 before tax credits.

The agency also said it chose the Model Y due to its advanced features, such as quick acceleration and large storage capacity, along with its affordable sticker price and low maintenance requirements.

In addition, the police department is looking to monitor the performance of the Model Y units, as well as their overall reliability and long-term cost-effectiveness. The results of the pilot will ultimately help determine future decisions from the department about integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet.

The department will hold a media preview day for the Model Y cruisers on Monday, running from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Unplugged also debuted its UP.FIT police vehicles with the South Pasadena Police Department, replacing the agency’s entire fleet with a combination of Model Y and Model 3 units. The UP.FIT website also shows renders of tactical and specialty Cybertruck outfitting, which it says can be used for K9, Watch Commander, SWAT Team or Military use.

Many police departments across the U.S. (and beyond) have been switching to EVs for their cost-savings on maintenance and fuel in recent years. In February, Tesla also debuted an ad for using its EVs as police vehicles on its North America account on X, saying that switching to its vehicles from gas could save police departments more than $4,000 in police equipment.

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Anaheim Police to deploy Tesla Model Y cruisers this week
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