Tesla Model Y dark Gemini wheels now standard in the U.S.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla recently launched a new standard wheel for the Model Y in the U.S., after the option was spotted a few weeks ago at one of the company’s factories.

Last month, Model Y units with the dark Gemini wheels were seen outside of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, suggesting that the company could be launching the new option soon. As of writing, Tesla has officially dropped the former silver Gemini wheel covers from its order configurator, launching the dark Gemini wheel covers as the standard option.

You can see a screenshot of Tesla’s order configurator with the new Gemini dark wheels below, followed by an image of the old Gemini silver wheel covers.


Credit: Tesla

You can still upgrade to the 20-inch induction wheels for $2,000, though the previous standard is no longer available. In Canada, Tesla is still offering the silver Gemini option as the standard, though buyers can upgrade to the Gemini dark wheels for $700 CAD (~$513 USD).

The Gemini dark wheels have also become the standard option for markets served by Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, after the company launched them alongside other updates in October. However, the previous silver remains the standard option in European markets, which are served by Tesla’s Gigafactory outside of Berlin, Germany.

The news comes after Tesla launched the Model Y RWD Long Range in the U.S. last month, officially replacing the previous entry-level trim—and adding 60 miles of range.

Elon Musk recently said that owners of the previous base Model Y configuration would soon be able to purchase range upgrades, nearly bringing them up to par with the new Long Range variant. Tesla also launched a highly coveted Quicksilver paint option for the Model Y in multiple markets in April, after the color was initially launched at Giga Berlin.

Tesla China planned to cut Model Y production by at least 20% in March-June: Reuters

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Tesla Model Y dark Gemini wheels now standard in the U.S.
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