Tesla China official magazine hints Cybertruck production will retain sail pillar storage

Image Credit: @Tesla__Mania/Twitter

While the Tesla Cybertruck is about to enter its initial production, there are a lot of details about the all-electric pickup truck that remain unknown. Among these are the vehicle’s storage spaces, which are still pretty much well into the realm of speculation. 

Everyone knows that the Cybertruck will have a generous bed with an automated tonneau cover, which the electric vehicle maker fondly calls the “vault.” The Cybertruck will also have a frunk that would likely rival the Ford F-150 Lightning in both size and ease of use. 

But as per a recent issue of T-Zone, the company’s official magazine in China, it appears that the Cybertruck will also retain its sail pillar storage. As could be seen in the March 2023 issue of the publication, the Cybertruck’s sail pillar storage space was featured prominently in a spread. 

Granted, the image featured in the Tesla China magazine featured the original prototype of the all-electric pickup truck (the door handles are a pretty big giveaway). However, one cannot help but infer that Tesla would probably not showcase such as feature in a recent issue of its official China magazine if the sail pillar storage space will not make it to the Cybertruck’s production version. 

The electric pickup market is still in its early stages, and there are only a few competitors in the market like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Rivian R1T, and the GMC Hummer EV. And in such a young and growing segment, gimmicks such as unique storage spaces matter a lot. Rivian and Ford definitely took this concept to heart with the R1 T’s Gear Tunnel and the Lightning’s Mega Power Frunk. 

It will then be unsurprising if Tesla adopts a similar approach. Tesla will most certainly equip the Cybertruck with a ton of cool features. The electric vehicle maker is not used to playing second fiddle, after all, so one could be assured that Tesla would make sure that the Cybertruck has just as much, if not more, storage compared to its competitors. 

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Tesla China official magazine hints Cybertruck production will retain sail pillar storage
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