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Fisker claims Ocean SUV crushes competition in WLTP range test

Credit: Fisker Inc.

Fisker has announced that its upcoming Ocean electric SUV will have the longest range of any EV SUV currently sold in Europe.

While the wave of new EV startups has finally begun to subside, one last company is attempting to throw its hat into the ring, Fisker. Fisker and its eccentric CEO, Henrik Fisker, have been on a mission to launch a unique electric SUV for years, and now, the automaker is on the cusp of delivering to reservation holders. Today, Fisker released range specifications for the upcoming Ocean SUV, and the company claims that it will beat every electric SUV currently on the market.

Fisker states that the upcoming Ocean SUV will have a range of 440 miles (707 kilometers), according to the WLTP testing system. This would allow owners to drive from Paris to Frankfurt, London to Glasgow, or New York to Boston and back on a single charge. The Ocean is currently available for configuration on the Fisker website and will be delivered to European customers following regulatory approval this April. Fisker also expects to deliver to customers in the United States in the near future.

“From the beginning, we planned the Fisker Ocean to deliver the highest level of design, sustainability, innovation, usability, and range,” says the company’s CEO Henrik Fisker. “We created a fantastic 5-passenger vehicle, offering our buyers range confidence and convenience in every trip.”

To give context to the fantastic range that Fisker claims customers will have access to, the Tesla Model Y has a max range of 330 miles (531 kilometers), while the Ford Mustang Mach-E has a max range of 312 miles (502 kilometers), both of which are more than 100 miles of range less than the Fisker offering.

The automaker did not specify if this range would be available for all Ocean SUV variants. Still, it is expected that lower trims of the vehicle, such as the Ocean Soprt, which starts at $37,499, would not be available with this extraordinary capability.

The Ocean SUV would genuinely be in a class of its own if it can achieve these numbers after hitting public roads later this year, but it certainly would face increasing competition in the coming two years.

Tesla is already hard at work on its next-generation Model Y, codenamed “Project Juniper;” Ford is hard at work on its next-generation electric truck and SUV; Lucid is currently developing its first SUV offering, the Lucid Gravity; and even Porsche is slated to introduce two new electric SUVs in the coming 2-5 years, including the Macan EV and the Cayenne EV.

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Fisker claims Ocean SUV crushes competition in WLTP range test
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