Tesla ‘Cybertruck’ goes from game tournament to public streets in Europe

Credit: YouTube | TheWarpath

A Tesla Cybertruck clone hit the streets in Kiev, Ukraine, with a fleet of Model X and Model S. The truck attracted groups of people to its location, proving its worldwide notoriety and polarizing design that has been talked about by some of the world’s most famous people. The same Cybertruck clone was a surprise guest that was showcased at the WePlay Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon tournament in Kiev in late February that held a “Cyberpunk” theme.

Two videos from the teslaservice. kiev’s and Model X driver TheWarpath’s YouTube channels showed the Cybertruck pulling attention from hundreds of pedestrians who thought that Tesla had brought a prototype of its vehicle to the most populous city in Ukraine.

The unique appeal of the stainless-steel Cybertruck has brought on the attention of many people and subsequently resulting in an estimated half a million pre-orders since its November unveiling.

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has talked about a Cybertruck Gigafactory manufacturing plant in the Central United States. Musk added that the same factory would assist in producing the recently released Model Y crossover for East Coast customers.

Tesla will initially produce the Cybertruck in a Dual Motor and Tri-Motor configuration at the end of 2021. The two vehicles will cost $49,990 and $69,990, respectively, and will be followed by the $39,990 Single Motor variant sometime in 2022.

We’ve embedded the video of the Cybertruck clone in Kiev below. For non-Russian or Ukrainian speakers, auto-generated English subtitles are available.

Tesla ‘Cybertruck’ goes from game tournament to public streets in Europe
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