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Tesla will produce Model Y for East Coast buyers at its Cybertruck Gigafactory

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Tesla Model Y production will be expanding to a new Central US-based “Cybertruck” Gigafactory, according to a recent update from CEO Elon Musk. The plans for a second Model Y factory in the US bodes well for the electric carmaker, which is estimating an annual demand of up to 1 million units per year for the all-electric crossover.

The Tesla CEO initially stated that the yet-to-be-named Gigafactory would be allotted for the production of the Cybertruck next year. However, Musk clarified just moments later that the same production facility would also be utilized for building the Model Y for customers on the East Coast.

Currently, the Model Y is being built at Tesla’s main production facility in Fremont, California. The plans to produce the Model Y there were decided by the Tesla team as a whole. Initially, Musk stated he was skeptical if Fremont was the logical choice for production. “I was skeptical about whether this made sense at first, but my team convinced me the fastest way to get to volume production is to do the Y at Fremont,” he said on the Ride the Lightning podcast with Ryan McCaffrey.

The Model Y is already expected to be one of Tesla’s biggest sellers because of the growing crossover market, especially in the United States, where deliveries of the vehicle are expected to begin as soon as March 11.

Production is one of the company’s main focuses for 2020, and Tesla stated one of the most significant improvements it made during Q4 2019 was its ability to build cars efficiently.

The company utilized a vast amount of learnings it acquired from Model 3 production to create a more efficient building process for the Model Y. This breakthrough in production efficiency led to the announcement of the Model Y’s first deliveries being moved up to March 2020, instead of its planned initially initial deliveries being in the Summer.

Tesla plans to produce around 400,000 Model 3 and Model Y units a year, according to estimates found in the 2019 Q4 earnings report.

The ramping of Model Y production will be a gradual process. Tesla is looking to begin adding additional machinery to some of the production shops where the Model Y will be built. The presence of a more refined production process could eventually lead to an annual build volume of 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y units alone in production plants that already exist.

The addition of a new Central U.S. Gigafactory will lead to an even higher production volume for the company as a whole. With the Model Y expected to break Tesla into the widely popular crossover market, preparations for increased production are already underway with the planning of a new Central U.S. Gigafactory.

Tesla will produce Model Y for East Coast buyers at its Cybertruck Gigafactory
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