Tesla shares ‘a day at Giga Berlin’ advertisement video

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Tesla has shared a new video advertising on its manufacturing page, this time highlighting a day in the life for a worker at Giga Berlin.

On Monday, Tesla shared the video on its manufacturing page on X, calling it “a day at Giga Berlin.” In the almost-three-minute video, one employee walks and talks viewers through a full day working at the factory in Grünheide, Germany, going from his commute to the facility, to his time spent working and finishing up the workday.

In the video, you can see the workers Max, Franc, Felix, and Lennard go from duties like talking with the night crew to see how everything has been working, to actually spending time with the robots that build the electric drive motor. The worker also says that a quiet day means the whole team has done a good job, as their job is simply to keep the production line running.

The video also shows Giga Berlin’s cafeteria and alludes to additional food trucks outside, as the employee and other workers break for lunch. The worker also talks about getting free memberships for some recreational activities from Tesla, including at a climbing gym where some of the workers go after the workday.

Check out the full video below, as posted on X on Monday.

Tesla’s manufacturing page shared a similar Giga Berlin video in January, in which the company interviewed multiple employees about their experiences working at the factory. The company has also shared multiple videos over the years detailing the production process at Giga Berlin, with one released last year showing the various departments within the assembly factory.

In April, Tesla also launched widespread layoffs, including the company seemingly letting go of the entire advertising team. Despite this, Tesla has continued to push ads to its social media accounts, such as the above video and a number of others.

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Tesla shares ‘a day at Giga Berlin’ advertisement video
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