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Tesla gives fresh look inside Giga Berlin: ‘The Machine that Builds the Machine’

Credit: Tesla

Tesla gave a series of fresh, new looks inside Giga Berlin, its electric vehicle production facility located in Germany. The videos show how the factory is truly “the machine that builds the machine,” as automation, as well as a few helpful hands on the manufacturing line, help produce its products.

Tesla Giga Berlin has produced the Model Y for just under a year now, reaching a run rate of greater than 250,000 vehicles per year. The facility finally produced roughly 3,000 vehicles per week by the end of Q4, helping Tesla maintain a significant market share in Germany and the European market as a whole.

Today, Tesla gave a fresh look inside Giga Berlin, showing everything from casting and stamping to its “world-class” paint shop and general assembly lines.

Casting Lines

Tesla utilizes the IDRA Giga Press in Berlin, just as it does at other factories, to not only make manufacturing more efficient but also improve vehicle quality and safety.

Tesla shared multiple videos displaying the numerous processes of the casting design for the Model Y. “13 different body parts are stamped with a total of 7,300 tons of force, in a press line that runs at up to 16 parts per minute,” the automaker said. Additionally, Tesla showed portions of the rear casting process, which eliminated over 70 parts and refine the manufacturing process for the Model Y.

Stamped parts and castings are welded together by more than 600 robots. The car is lifted into the paintshop by “Godzilla,” which Tesla said is “one of the largest industrial robots ever.

Paint Shop

Tesla has always said that the paint shop inside Giga Berlin would be its best yet. Referring to it as “world-class” before it was even operational, the automaker has utilized the facility to roll out new colors in the European market, including Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red:

“Giga Berlin is home to our most advanced paint system yet, enabling multi-layer painting for depth, dimension & a hand-painted look.”

Tesla has struggled with paint quality at its other factories, but Giga Berlin has undoubtedly helped as it utilizes a series of high-quality paint and better processes to improve its look. Tesla filed to upgrade paint shops in Fremont, where some quality concerns arose several years ago.

General Assembly Line

Relying on both automation and humans, Tesla’s General Assembly line at Giga Berlin is where the final touches are put into place, and the Model Y truly takes shape. Over 1,000 people build the Model Y at any given time, installing HVAC, power electronics, drive units, and other elements.

CEO Elon Musk said in the past that he relied too much on automation to get things done with production, and humans were “underrated.”

The new look at Giga Berlin shows the cohesiveness between both robots and humans, which helps to complete the entire production process.

The videos truly encapsulate how “the machine” that is Giga Berlin helps build “the machine” that is the Model Y. Tesla has refined its manufacturing processes to take advantage of both automation and humans.

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Tesla gives fresh look inside Giga Berlin: ‘The Machine that Builds the Machine’
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