Tesla Giga Berlin employees share work experiences

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Tesla seems to be ramping its hiring efforts with the release of a new video focusing on the work environment at Giga Berlin. Gigafactory Berlin is Tesla’s second electric vehicle factory that was built outside the United States, and it currently produces the Model Y crossover. 

The video, which was about 2.5 minutes long and posted on Tesla’s official Tesla Manufacturing account on X, featured several Giga Berlin employees talking about their experience at the facility. The theme of the video was evident from the onset — Giga Berlin is a place where the motivated can find joy in their work. It is also a place where hard workers can thrive in a job that they love. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla also highlighted the diversity in Giga Berlin’s workforce, which is evident in how the company and its employees treat each other with respect. Several employees also emphasized that there is no discrimination in Giga Berlin. Furthermore, other workers mentioned the “Tesla Spirit,” which is embraced by Giga Berlin employees after some time in the company. 

The recent video from Tesla Manufacturing could be seen as a way to encourage more people to apply for a job at Giga Berlin. So far, Giga Berlin has been ramping its vehicle production at a good pace, hitting a production rate of 5,000 Model Y per week in March 2023. Expectations are high that Giga Berlin will be improved further, especially considering Tesla’s battery development efforts and the potential production of other vehicles on the site. 

Inasmuch as Giga Berlin has been executing well on its goals, the facility also seems to be fighting a constant battle against its critics, such as local environmental groups. IG Metall, one of Germany’s largest unions, also has its eye on Giga Berlin as the facility does not have a collective agreement. As hinted at by Andre Thierig, senior director of manufacturing at Giga Berlin, however, Tesla’s current setup already works well for the company’s employees. 

“We are focusing on ourselves in order to find solutions for our employees quickly and without unnecessary escalation and thus make changes happen significantly faster,” Thierig said. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin employees share work experiences
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