Tesla workforce currently estimated at 121k workers, 14% less than 2023 EOY headcount

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When reports of Elon Musk’s plan to downsize Tesla’s workforce this year were posted, media outlets such as Bloomberg News suggested that the CEO was pushing to cut 20% of the company’s staff. Based on an email that Musk has reportedly sent to Tesla employees, it would appear that the electric vehicle maker’s staff reduction efforts have affected less than 20% of the company’s overall headcount. 

At the end of 2023, Tesla had 140,473 employees, including both salaried and hourly workers. As estimated in a report from CNBC, Tesla reportedly has around 121,000 workers including salaried and hourly workers today. This would suggest that Tesla’s round of layoffs ended up affecting about 14% of the company’s overall workforce. 

CNBC noted in its report that it was able to get its estimate for Tesla’s current headcount from an email that Elon Musk sent to “everybody” on June 17. Based on the email distribution list, which the publication was reportedly able to retrieve, Tesla currently has about 121,000 employees. That’s still a substantial number, though it is below the 127,855 employees that the company had at the end of 2022

Musk’s email to Tesla’s employees on June 17 reportedly involved stock options that the company would be giving its employees. “Over the next few weeks, Tesla will be doing a comprehensive review to provide stock options grants for exceptional performance,” Musk reportedly wrote, noting that the grants would be awarded to “anyone who does something outstanding for the company.” 

While Tesla’s estimated headcount today has been reduced, the company has resumed its hiring ramp across the globe. As could be seen in Tesla’s Careers page, hiring efforts for key roles in the United States and abroad have restarted. In the US alone, job openings for vehicle service, AI & robotics, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, engineering and information technology, and construction, to name a few, have gone live at the Tesla Careers website

With this in mind, it would not be surprising if Tesla still manages to end 2024 with a headcount that exceeds the 127,855 employees that the company had by the end of 2022. Elon Musk, after all, noted during the 2024 Cyber Roundup that Tesla is not just starting a new chapter — it is starting a whole new book in the coming years.

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Tesla workforce currently estimated at 121k workers, 14% less than 2023 EOY headcount
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