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Tesla Giga Berlin gets bullish outlook from Deutsche Bank: “Could be a game-changer”

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It appears that Tesla Giga Berlin is quite an impressive factory. Similar to teams from UBS and Jefferies, Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner also proved bullish on Tesla following an investor meeting at Gigafactory Berlin.

According to the analyst, they had a guided tour of the Germany-based electric vehicle factory and had a meeting with the company’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha. Apart from this, Rosner noted that they were able to test drive a Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y Performance at high speed on the Autobahn.

On Monday, the Deutsche Bank analyst maintained a “Buy” rating on Tesla and a pretty optimistic price target of $375 per share post stock split. This is a pretty notable vote of confidence for the electric vehicle maker, especially considering that Giga Berlin is still very new, having only started customer deliveries this past March.

Rosner noted that following the investor meeting at Giga Berlin, Deutsche Bank came away with the impression that the EV maker’s “new localized vehicle production in Europe could be a game-changer, making Tesla to an even more formidable competitor in the region, while likely boosting the company’s gross margins.”

Rosner also highlighted the potential of Giga Berlin when it’s ramped. The analyst noted that Tesla does acknowledge some risks with a potential gas crisis in Germany, but the electric vehicle maker is quite confident that its flexibility could allow it to weather any potential storms in the future.

“The plant is already capacitized to produce 500k Model Y per year, but currently only staffed with 2 shifts; Tesla plans to increase to 4 shifts and full production sometime in 2023. The company acknowledged some production risk from any potential German Gas Crisis, confirming Giga Berlin’s energy supply is similar to other OEMS producing in Germany, but pointed to its strong flexibility in steering its global vehicle production to regions where it sees strong demand,” Rosner noted.

“All in, we believe 2023 could be a pivotal year for Tesla and continue to view it as one of the most attractive stories in the autos sector. We adjust our estimates for the 3-for-1 stock split, taking our price target to $375, and reiterate our BUY rating,” the analyst remarked.

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA.

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Tesla Giga Berlin gets bullish outlook from Deutsche Bank: “Could be a game-changer”
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