Tesla Giga Berlin headcount ramp still on schedule: Economics Minister

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Recent comments from Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach have revealed that Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s workforce ramp is right on schedule. The minister also highlighted that Tesla’s Germany-based electric vehicle factory is now the largest industrial employer in Brandenburg.

Steinbach also noted that Tesla would soon be the largest training company in Brandenburg. Apart from this, Tesla’s presence has several effects on the state, as it could encourage potential investors worldwide to consider Brandenburg as their next potential site, the minister noted.

More importantly, the Economic Minister mentioned something quite important with regards to Giga Berlin’s operations. As per Steinbach, the growth of Giga Berlin’s headcount is still on schedule, at least based on what he knows so far. This, according to the minister, shows that Tesla is not just getting skilled workers from Brandenburg but from outside the state as well.

“As far as I know, the increase in the number of employees at Tesla is still on schedule. This is remarkable because, on the one hand, it shows that the company is gaining skilled workers who do not come from Brandenburg alone, but are recruited internationally.

“This makes it clear what effects the settlement of a large, international company has on the region. A mix of specialists from many different countries works at Tesla. Such a structure is the future, and it means that we have to be a skilled immigration country,” Steinbach said.

The Economic Minister’s comments also contradict — at least to a point — the allegations from IG Metall, one of Germany’s largest unions. IG Metall has alleged that Giga Berlin’s hiring ramp is behind schedule because of low wages. If Tesla’s headcount is indeed growing as planned, then perhaps the EV maker does not really have an issue attracting talent.

Apart from discussing Gigafactory Berlin’s headcount, the minister also mentioned that the balance sheet of the factory has been positive.

“For me, the balance is completely positive! The company is running. The speed at which production is currently taking place is impressive for me as an engineer. Operations have been running in two shifts since the end of May, and there should be three shifts by the end of the year. All of this speaks for itself,” Steinbach said.

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Tesla Giga Berlin headcount ramp still on schedule: Economics Minister
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