Tesla’s Elon Musk shares ambitious FSD safety target, highlights Dojo’s potential

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared an ambitious safety target for the company’s Dojo supercomputer and its contributions to Autopilot and FSD. Musk’s comments were posted on Twitter after Tesla shared a white paper on the upcoming supercomputer, which would be used to optimize the training and development of Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. 

Tesla’s Dojo white paper is incredibly technical, though it appears to suggest that the company has created a new way of representing numbers in computer programs that would then be useful for various scenarios, and is several times faster. As the Tesla online community discussed the white paper, Musk noted that the document is “more important than it may seem at first.”

Considering that Dojo would be used to expedite the training and development of the company’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems, the supercomputer could serve a crucial role in raising the safety of Tesla’s vehicles. Electric vehicle advocate Pranay Pathole, in response to Musk’s initial comment, noted that Dojo would likely gain the capability to predict what good human drivers would do given a set of conditions on the road.

This meant that once Dojo becomes more self-supervised, accidents on the road that are caused by human error would likely see a notable drop. Elon Musk seemed to agree with this sentiment, responding that a 90% reduction in traffic fatalities seems likely with Dojo’s full rollout. Speculating further, Musk noted that there’s even a chance that the innovations with the Dojo supercomputer would be able to reduce accidents on the road by over 99%. 

Musk’s predictions about Dojo’s potential may sound incredibly optimistic, but the CEO has a point. Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD programs are designed to be safety systems, even if they tend to make driving tasks incredibly convenient. Bolstered by Dojo’s capabilities, Tesla’s advanced driver-assist solutions might very well reach their full potential. Elon Musk, after all, has noted in the past that his goal would be to make Teslas so safe, the company’s vehicles would avoid even accidents that might be intentional. 

“Worldwide, there’s about a million people a year dying in car accidents. That’s a hell of a lot, and there’s like 10 million people that get seriously injured. So it’s like, you know, we got to hustle on this,” Musk said during a one-on-one interview with automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro. 

Read Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer white paper below. 

Tesla Dojo Technology by Simon Alvarez

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Tesla’s Elon Musk shares ambitious FSD safety target, highlights Dojo’s potential
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