Tesla CEO Elon Musk meets Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

Image Credit: Giorgia Meloni/Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently met with Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. As per the official, she and Musk talked about a variety of topics, from the risks of artificial intelligence to low birth rates. 

Musk and Meloni’s meeting was held in Rome on Thursday, as per a source in the government. The two met following Musk’s quick talk with Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in the morning. 

As per Meloni’s post on Twitter, she welcomed Musk at the Palazzo Chigi. She noted that they had a talk about some crucial issues, such as innovation, artificial intelligence, and the European market. Interestingly enough, Meloni also noted that she and Musk had a talk about birth rates, a topic that the CEO has been passionate about online. 

“I welcomed today at Palazzo Chigi Elon Musk with great pleasure. A very fruitful meeting and a moment of great cordiality where we addressed some crucial issues: innovation, opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence, European market rules and birth rates. Forward towards the future challenges that unite us,” Meloni wrote in her Twitter post

A video of the meeting between the CEO and the official showed that Musk and Meloni had a great rapport. Both were smiling as they talked, and both looked very comfortable with each other. 

Musk has been meeting with a variety of officials across several countries in the past few weeks. Just a few weeks ago, Musk visited China and had several meetings with high-ranking officials. These included Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who Musk met with just hours after arriving in Beijing. Musk also met with China’s Minister of Commerce and Minister of Industry and Information Technology during his visit

Musk’s meetings with foreign officials seem partly inspired by the expansion of his companies like Tesla. Among the topics he discussed during his China visit, for one, involved the expansion of Gigafactory Shanghai and the buildout of a Megafactory in the country, which produces the Megapack grid-scale battery. With this in mind, perhaps a Tesla facility in Italy may be quite feasible. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk meets Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni
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