Tesla Energy tops list of best energy storage companies

Credit: Tesla

Anyone who’s been following Tesla over the years could state that Tesla Energy typically stays in the background, behind the company’s prolific electric vehicle business. Despite this, as well as delays in some anticipated products like the Solar Roof, Tesla Energy was recently recognized as the market’s top energy storage company today. 

As noted by energy magazine Energy Digital, its top 10 list of battery storage companies represent the powerhouses that are revolutionizing the industry. The magazine recognized a number of key players in the sector, such as Vivint Solar, GE Vernova, Enphase Energy, Albemarle, and Panasonic. At the top of the list is Tesla Energy, which has seen massive growth in recent quarters. 

“Tesla has been growing its energy storage business in recent years. Established as a key player in the electric automotive industry, it has diversified its offerings to include battery storage — now one of its strongest offerings.

“Tesla Energy’s energy storage business has never been better. Despite only launching its energy storage arm in 2015, as of 2023 the company had an output of 14.7GWh in battery energy storage systems. Its portfolio includes storage products like the Powerwall and the Megapack.

“Tesla is widely regarded as pioneering the future of energy thanks to its work in solar and battery storage, leading the renewable energy sector by providing innovative and efficient solutions for homeowners and businesses alike,” Energy Digital noted. 

It’s quite interesting to see Tesla Energy getting a substantial amount of recognition. Battery storage systems, after all, are not really the company’s primary industry today. In a way, Tesla Energy’s ranking highlights the fact that the company’s energy storage products are among the best in the industry, as evidenced by the use of products like the Megapack in high-profile installations. Even Tesla Energy’s most humble energy storage unit, the Powerwall home battery, plays a critical role in projects like the California Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

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Tesla Energy tops list of best energy storage companies
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