Tesla Europe shares exciting Midnight Cherry Red Model Y update

Credit: Tesla Europe/Twitter

It appears that Tesla Europe is poised to initiate some serious promotional efforts for Giga Berlin’s new Model Y paint color. As per a recent announcement on social media, Model Y units from Giga Berlin that are painted in Midnight Cherry Red are coming to select locations in Europe.

The announcement comes as sightings of Midnight Cherry Red Model Y units are reported online. As early as March this year, images taken by Tesla watchers around Giga Berlin indicated that Model Y units painted in Midnight Cherry Red were already being shipped out from the facility. The sightings suggested that deliveries of the vehicle were likely coming soon.

Considering Tesla Europe’s recent post, however, it would seem like the electric vehicle maker is putting some effort into promoting the Model Y’s newest color to potential customers. The EV maker’s efforts also bode well for Giga Berlin’s capacity to produce larger volumes of the Model Y in Midnight Cherry Red.

Tesla Europe noted that Model Y units with Midnight Cherry Red paint would be coming to the Middle East later this year as well.

Tesla’s online configurator for the Model Y in Germany suggests that the demand for vehicles painted in Midnight Cherry Red may still be exceeding the company’s production capability. As per the Model Y’s configurator in Germany, orders of the all-electric crossover in Midnight Cherry Red paint placed today have an estimated delivery date of August to September 2023.

Other colors, including Quicksilver, which was launched at the same time as Midnight Cherry Red, are listed with an estimated delivery date of May to June 2023 for orders that are placed today. This is despite the fact that Midnight Cherry Red is a premium paint option, costing an additional €3,200.

Midnight Cherry Red is quite a special paint option because it allows the Model Y to practically change its color depending on the lighting. This was made possible through Giga Berlin’s paint shop, which is one of the most advanced among Tesla’s vehicle production facilities.

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Tesla Europe shares exciting Midnight Cherry Red Model Y update
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