Tesla extends Supercharger Network's reach deeper into the Arctic Circle

Tesla Model 3 testing traction control in the snow [Credit: Now You Know via YouTube]

With the arrival of the Model 3 and the eventual production of the Model Y in Gigafactory 4, Europe will need as many Tesla Superchargers as it can get. Fortunately, the electric car maker appears to be preparing for an influx of new electric car owners already, with the company expanding the Supercharger Network deeper into the Arctic Circle.

The Supercharger Network, which currently shows close to 16,000 Supercharging stalls worldwide at over 1,800 stations, already covers much of Europe. However, some parts of the Arctic Circle remain underserved, particularly in the northernmost regions of Sweden, Finland, and Norway. This latest expansion, which will include stations in Finnmark and Lapland, will allow electric car owners to travel with confidence even into the northernmost regions of Europe.

The sites that will host Tesla’s new Arctic Circle Superchargers have already been mapped by Tesla, though the electric car maker is yet to reveal if the new stations will be comprised of V3 stalls or its older V2 stations. Tesla is currently ramping its V3 network, though the majority of the company’s fast-chargers are still comprised of V2 chargers.

The expansion of the Supercharger Network further into the Arctic Circle is indicative of Tesla’s efforts to saturate the globe with a convenient system of rapid chargers for electric cars. The Supercharger Network is already notable for its speed and its reach, and in the United States, at least, it is really the only fast-charging infrastructure that can offer electric car owners a solid way to cross the country without much delays or difficulties. This is especially true with the advent of the V3 Superchargers, which have a peak output of 250 kW or 1,000 mph.

In a way, Tesla’s expansion into the Arctic bodes well for electric car owners in Europe’s northernmost regions. Teslas, after all, have proven popular in the region, thanks to their practicality and performance. The Model 3, for one, has become so popular in the Netherlands that it actually beat the Volkswagen Polo to become the country’s most popular car, electric or otherwise. The same is true for Norway, another country that has embraced the Model 3 fully.

Tesla has reached a point where it is gaining the capability to saturate the market with high-volume vehicles like the Model 3. The Model Y, which is coming next year, is expected to far outsell the Model 3, resulting in an even larger number of new electric car owners, most of whom will require a stable charging infrastructure for extended trips. For these needs, Tesla’s ever-growing Supercharger Network would most definitely be the answer.

Tesla extends Supercharger Network's reach deeper into the Arctic Circle
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