Tesla Model 3 beats the VW Polo to become the Netherlands’ most popular car

Tesla's Winter Experience 2019. | Credit: Danni Efraim

The electric vehicle revolution continues to grow throughout the world and Europe is proving itself as a key contributor in the movement, with reports out of the Netherlands showing that the Tesla Model 3 has recently bceome the most popular vehicle in the country.

The 10,000th Tesla Model 3 was registered on September 17, according to data from Dutch media outlet, making it the most popular vehicle in the Netherlands this year so far. This is an impressive victory for the electric vehicle revolution, especially considering the vehicle that the Model 3 beat for the country’s No.1 spot.

The second most registered car is reported as the Volkswagen Polo, a gas-powered hatchback similar to the profile of the VW Golf that has long been popular among consumers for its affordable price and practicality. The Polo is only sold in Europe.

According to a company that tracks the registration of vehicles in the Netherlands called Kentekenradar, 10,089 Model 3’s have been delivered and registered to customers since January 2019, the first month that the car was available for purchase. More than half of these vehicles were delivered in black and while June was the highest-selling month for the Model 3 with 2,484 registrations, March 28 was listed as the most popular single day for the car, with 512 units being handed over to buyers.

The popularity of electric cars across the world continues to skyrocket, and the Model 3 is a crucial part of it. Australia reported that the Model 3 is also the most popular electric vehicle in their country. The United Kingdom lists the Model 3 as a top 5 most popular vehicle and Tesla sales in Germany have climbed over 400%.

The Netherlands, however, has taken it a step further, showing the Model 3 as the most popular car, regardless of battery or gas-powered. And this extends to nearly regions as well, with Tesla as a whole remaining popular in Holland. An airport in Amsterdam even replaced its fleet of 167 Model S taxis with the Model X, citing the need for more space for passengers and their cargo.

Europe as a whole expects to sell at least 1,000,000 electric vehicles next year, a number that seems completely attainable considering the trends that electric vehicles such as Tesla have set within the region.

Tesla Model 3 beats the VW Polo to become the Netherlands’ most popular car
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