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Tesla fans believe Ford is the ‘major OEM’ discussing Full Self-Driving licensing

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Tesla fans overwhelmingly believe Ford is the “major OEM” that the automaker is in discussions with to license the Full Self-Driving suite.

Last week during Tesla’s Q2 2023 Earnings Call, CEO Elon Musk said the automaker was in “early discussions with a major OEM” regarding the licensing of Full Self-Driving:

“And we are already in discussions with — early discussions with major OEM about using Tesla FSD. So, we’re not trying to keep this to ourselves. We’re more than happy to license it to others.”

The move was not necessarily surprising, as Musk had said a month earlier that Tesla was “happy to license” either Autopilot or Full Self-Driving, as well as other Tesla technology.

For example, we have seen various car companies adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector, and Ford was the first to do so. General Motors followed.

After Tesla’s announcement regarding its early discussions with a major automaker, speculation persisted on which company was most likely to be in talks to license Full Self-Driving.

Tesla fans seem to believe it is Ford.

Right after Musk made the comments, we posted a question on our Twitter page that asked followers who they thought it was. An overwhelming number of respondents said Ford.

There were plenty of other companies mentioned by those who chose to respond, like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, and Rivian.

Volkswagen and Tesla had a good and very public relationship when the German automaker had Herbert Diess at the helm. However, that relationship has cooled, but it does not mean the companies are not still on good terms and perhaps in discussions.

Mercedes-Benz has a Level 3 system that has been approved for operation in Nevada, California, and parts of Germany. We would be prone to believe Mercedes-Benz would continue with the development of its own suite.

General Motors has Super Cruise, which is also a successful program in terms of where self-driving efforts are in this day and age. CNBC’s test of the suite revealed a Cadillac could be driven for an hour, in some instances, without ever needing to take control of the vehicle.

Rivian, at least in our and many other perspectives, doesn’t match the description of a “major OEM.”

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Tesla fans believe Ford is the ‘major OEM’ discussing Full Self-Driving licensing
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