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Tesla’s Elon Musk posts update on FSD Beta 10’s release date

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Elon Musk announced that Tesla plans to release FSD Beta 10 next Friday at midnight. A week ago, Musk said FSD Beta 10 would go live this week after Tesla skipped the expected release of V9.3 last week.

Based on Musk’s description of Tesla’s Beta 10 rollout, it may be worth the two-week waiting period. He said that FSD Beta 10 would have some UI improvements over Tesla’s FSD Beta 9.2.

FSD Beta 9 introduced some cool new features such as an updated “mind of car” view, which gave drivers and passengers a more refined look at how a Tesla sees its surroundings and navigates through roads. With the V9 release, Tesla also highlighted that the Cabin Camera would be monitoring drivers’ attentiveness while on the road.

It would be interesting what new features or updates Tesla introduces in the following FSD Beta releases. Tesla seems closer to achieving fully autonomous vehicles than ever, especially since it started relying more on pure vision.

Elon Musk further remarked that FSD Beta 10 would get Tesla closer to finally releasing the request button, allowing more people to gain early access to new Full Self-Driving updates. Musk stated that Beta 10.1 might be “good enough for the public opt in request button.”

With an ongoing NHTSA investigation hyper-focused on its Autopilot feature, Tesla seems to be releasing FSD updates cautiously and with an emphasis on safety. In one of his Twitter interactions, Elon Musk noted that Tesla needs to ensure that the software works well first, test it extensively, and then get regulatory approval before releasing FSD Beta to other countries, like Canada.

Musk estimated that FSD Beta could be available in Canada in a few months. “If we could go faster while being safe, we would!” he said.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk posts update on FSD Beta 10’s release date
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