Electrify America to offer free charging for Labor Day weekend

(Credit: Electrify America)

Electric vehicle owners in the United States are poised to enjoy a very welcome perk if they use Electrify America this coming weekend. As per a recent message sent by the company to its Pass+ members, Electrify America would be offering free rapid charging services for the entire Labor Day weekend, starting this coming Friday to Monday next week. 

Following is the message from the EV charging network, as shared online by electric vehicle advocate @MachE_VLOG

Free charging – all weekend long

While the end of summer is on the horizon, it doesn’t mean your adventures have to come to an end. As a show of our appreciation for being a Pass+ member with Electrify America, we wanted to give you an exclusive heads up on what’s just around the bend. 

Starting Friday September 3rd through Monday, September 6th, Electrify America is offering complimentary charging sessions for all its customers. Whether you’re gearing up to return to school or heading out on one more summer road trip, we’ll help get you where you need to go. 

Just plug in and follow the prompts to take advantage of this offer, no promotion code needed. Wherever you charge up this weekend, we can’t wait to see you there!

Electrify America Pass+ members pay a monthly fee of $4 regardless of whether they use the rapid charging network or not. Despite this fee, signing up for a Pass+ membership has its perks, as fees for the rapid charging station’s use are discounted. Electric vehicle owners who tend to travel long distances from time to time would likely find Electrify America’s Pass+ membership well worth the money. 

As of mid-July 2021, Electrify America has installed 635 charging stations (about 2,600 charging stalls) in the United States to date. However, Electrify America has pledged to ramp its charger buildout in the coming years, stating in July that it would be doubling the number of its charging stations in the United States and Canada by the end of 2025. 

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Electrify America to offer free charging for Labor Day weekend
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