How Tesla’s FSD Beta maneuvers around cyclists and pedestrians

Credit: ElonX-net | YouTube

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has launched the company’s status as a semi-autonomous driving platform into the stratosphere, revealing that the automaker is evidently head and shoulders above its competitors. While the vehicles equipped with the latest versions of FSD Beta perform pretty well in typical traffic scenarios, there are plenty of interactions that the cars need to maneuver through that are not as heavily publicized.

A video from YouTube user ElonX-net shows a compilation of FSD Beta-equipped vehicles maneuvering around cyclists and pedestrians who are biking or walking on the shoulder of the road. While Teslarati has touched on some of these instances in the past, the company’s FSD suite continues to improve with every mile driven, making the vehicle’s operation more precise and robust as future software versions continue to be released to the public.

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Several clips within the video show the timidness and conservative nature of FSD Beta. While the feature is accurate with its maneuvers, it tends to operate on the side of caution, especially as Tesla continues to refine the software for the performance of the FSD suite. In addition to the numerous improvements that have been noted since the last release, the FSD Beta suite also is set to have its newest version released this Friday and will include the “FSD Button,” allowing drivers to enroll in the Beta program if they wish.

Past versions of Autopilot and FSD have performed exceptionally well in the case of handling cyclists and pedestrians. With Software Version 2020.12.6 in May 2020, owners indicated that Tesla’s external cameras could detect cyclists well before the human eye could, alerting the driver that there would be a human being on the shoulder of the road. It appears that improvements from this already impressive performance have been made, especially considering some of the maneuvers that were recorded in the new video.


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For instance, one clip in the video shows a cyclist riding on a relatively thin portion of road shoulder, and the Tesla moves slightly toward the center line to give the rider room. However, other videos show Teslas being more timid in this instance, especially if room to move toward the center lane is limited due to cars on the other side of the road. Ultimately, Tesla’s FSD Beta doesn’t operate in a cookie-cutter fashion. It specifically makes decisions based on the environment and situation that it is in at that time, making it highly robust and accurate. This was outlined in several clips during Tesla’s recent AI Day.

Check out ElonX-net’s video of FSD Beta handling Cyclists and Pedestrians below!

How Tesla’s FSD Beta maneuvers around cyclists and pedestrians
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