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Tesla Autopilot alerts driver of upcoming cyclist even before they see them

Credit: YouTube | Dirty Tesla

Tesla’s Autopilot recently helped a driver to recognize and avoid a bicyclist who was traveling on the shoulder of a road. 

YouTuber and Model 3 Long Range All Wheel-Drive owner Dirty Tesla displayed his vehicle’s impressive ability to identify and warn him of the bicyclist before he had the opportunity to begin navigating away. 

Dirty Tesla’s Model 3 was utilizing software version 2020.12.6, which was released on April 24 in a broad rollout of the company’s new Traffic Light and Stop Sign recognition feature.

While impressive that the vehicle was able to detect the bicyclist before the driver, what is perhaps even more striking was the car’s ability to visualize the man on the bike on the vehicle’s dash screen before the driver saw him.

Tesla Driving Visualization feature showed the bicyclist before the driver saw him. (Credit: YouTube | Dirty Tesla)

Dirty Tesla was filming his use of Autopilot’s newest features in a controlled environment. But before he could see with his eyes what was coming, his vehicle was able to alert the driver of a cyclist on the road ahead.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite has come a long way in the past year. With the additions of Smart Summon and Traffic Light and Stop Sign recognition, the only thing left for Tesla to implement is inner-city driving. While half of the battle is recognizing stop signs, traffic lights, and safe intersection maneuvering, the other half is maintaining the safety of pedestrians who will be present on sidewalks, crosswalks, and bikes within a city’s limits.

Tesla’s vehicles must master the art of identifying pedestrians on the street and sidewalks to ensure the safety of everyone in tight city environments. This step is not only convenient for drivers, but it is crucial when talking about the safety of pedestrians in general. While there are many distractions while driving, pedestrians put themselves into danger nearly anytime they are traveling or walking on or near a public road.

Elon Musk recently mentioned that the release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving functionalities is set to be released later in 2020. The rollout of these features will solidify Tesla as a major player in the push toward semi-autonomous technology, which has become a trademark of Tesla’s cars, along with impressive performance and sustainability.

The safety of Tesla’s vehicles extends past the driver and passengers who sit within the electric vehicle. The company continues to push toward more protection even though its cars already hold five-star crash ratings and improving safety statistics. However, cars, people, animals, and unexpected obstacles fill the road. All of these can, unfortunately, be subjected to danger if a driver is not paying attention. However, Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD suites are continuously improving and keeping everything on the road safe and out of harm’s way.

Watch Dirty Tesla’s video of his Model 3 recognizing a bicyclist below.

Tesla Autopilot alerts driver of upcoming cyclist even before they see them
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