Tesla aims to release FSD Beta in Europe this year, Canada launch set for this week

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Tesla plans to release FSD Beta in Canada later this week, Elon Musk stated at Giga Berlin’s Model Y delivery event on March 22. The company will tackle Europe next.

“We’re getting to a point where the FSD Beta is very good in the US and later this week expanding to Canada. And then I think we’ll be ready to show it to regulators in the EU,” Musk told the small crowd at Giga Berlin. 

Tesla FSD Beta v10.11 launched earlier this month, introducing critical improvements to the advanced driver-assist software. For example, the release notes teased v10.11 produced more accurate predictions on where other vehicles would turn or merge. Elon Musk also pointed out that vector lanes were a significant improvement to Tesla AI, found in the update.

Musk estimates that Tesla will be ready to show FSD beta to EU regulators in two or three months. However, he also admitted that Tesla has “quite a lot of work for special case situations in Europe. He noted that it would be challenging to release Full Self Driving in Europe because it is much more complex than in the US or Canada. 

“You know, there’s a lot of little tricky things. The rules are not the same. But I think probably we can start doing Beta [in the EU] later this year, depending on regulatory approval,” he said. “Things are a little different in the US. Like in the US, things are legal by default, in Europe they’re illegal by default, so we have to get approval beforehand; whereas in the US you can kinda of do it on your own cognizance — more or less.”

In September 2021, The European Commission published a regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles, called the Draft EU ADS Regulation, and submitted it to all the Member States. The EU ADS regulation will help form rules on autonomous cars through type-approval rules. As per a white paper by Hogan Lovells, the regulation’s goal is to establish a harmonized path towards Level 4 or fully automated vehicles. It may also develop safety metrics to benchmark performance, which will be helpful when testing autonomous vehicles for deployment.

Check out Elon Musk’s speech and Q&A session at Giga Berlin below!

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Tesla aims to release FSD Beta in Europe this year, Canada launch set for this week
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