Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1 does not disengage despite encountering rolling tire on the freeway

Image Credit: Chuck Cook/Twitter

Tesla’s FSD Beta V11.3.1 single-stack occupancy network continues to impress veteran members of the program. This was the case with longtime FSD Beta user Chuck Cook, who recently encountered a rather dangerous edge case while driving on the interstate. 

As shown in a short video shared on Twitter, the veteran FSD Beta user was on the freeway when a rolling tire came into view. The driver was ready to take over the steering wheel as the runaway tire approached, but FSD Beta V11.3.1 did not disengage at all

Interestingly enough, the runaway tire was also seemingly detected by the advanced driver-assist system and displayed on the FSD Beta visualizations. Some members of the EV community, however, observed that the rolling tire seemed to have appeared in the FSD visualizations a bit late.

That being said, the fact that FSD Beta actually recognized a rolling tire shows that Tesla is really training its advanced driver-assist system for unexpected circumstances on the road. Training for edge cases such as rolling tires would ultimately make FSD Beta perform very well, perhaps on the same level as human drivers. 

Rolling tires are a menace, and they’re extremely dangerous too. Over the years, thousands have died because their vehicles were hit by runaway objects. Rolling tires are especially problematic because sometimes, they happen very quickly and drivers have barely any time to react. With enough training, perhaps FSD Beta could eventually exceed human drivers when reacting to runaway tires on the road.  

FSD Beta V11.3.1 has only been released to veteran members of the program for a few days, but the system has so far been impressive. Other videos shared by Cook alone hint at the single-stack system’s capabilities. These include merging in relatively dense traffic, as well as late lane changes. 

Below is a video on rolling tires and their dangers from Inside Edition.

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Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1 does not disengage despite encountering rolling tire on the freeway
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