Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1 is getting positive reviews from veteran testers

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The Tesla FSD Beta program has been ongoing since October 2020. When it was launched, only a select number of veteran Tesla drivers were allowed to gain access to the advanced driver-assist system. It is then no surprise that today, it takes quite a bit to impress FSD Beta’s longtime users. 

FSD Beta V11.3.1 appears to be an update that has made veteran users — including those who are known to evaluate the advanced driver-assist system with a critical lens — feel extremely impressed for the most part. This could be hinted at in the positive feedback of longtime FSD Beta users on social media platforms such as Twitter. 

Tesla bull and EV advocate @kristennetten, for one, noted that based on her experience so far, FSD Beta V11.3.1 appears to have exceeded her capabilities as a human driver. 

“I can officially state FSDBeta, v11.3.1, drives better than me .. and yes I’m an excellent driver. I actually almost forgot it wasn’t me driving. Smooth yet assertive, quick yet centered. The Tesla also chose to slow down for a pothole & move away. Perfect. When the option for two lanes was present at a red light, it chose the less busy lane,” the FSD Beta tester said. 

FSD Beta tester @brandonee916, who was among the most critical of the system during its early days, has noted that speed-based lane changes in V11.3.1 are notably superior to Navigate on Autopilot. The FSD Beta tester, however, also observed that the system is still very cautious in the way that it leaves large gaps between cars, even in its “Assertive” setting. 

Fellow FSD Beta tester @TeslaLisa, who has also been pretty open and honest with her stern criticisms of the system, also observed notable improvements with the V11.3.1 update. The FSD Beta user noted that lane changes in congested lanes are no issue, and one area in her tests that’s been problematic since January 2021 has been solved. Getting into busy roads, however, still had some areas for improvement. 

Another notable FSD Beta tester, Chuck Cook, whose real-world tests have been referenced by Elon Musk and Tesla, also shared some positive feedback about the performance of V11.3.1. The longtime FSD Beta tester showcased some clips of the advanced driver-assist system performing smooth lane changes and even one with a rather aggressive and very human-like late lane change.

Watch a demonstration of FSD Beta V11.3.1’s capabilities in the video below. 

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Tesla FSD Beta V11.3.1 is getting positive reviews from veteran testers
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