Tesla FSD Beta V.11 slated for wide release by Summer 2022: Elon Musk

(Credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk estimated that Tesla FSD Beta version 11 would be ready for wide release by the summer of 2022. Currently, Beta testers are waiting for the release of FSD Beta 10.13. 

A Tesla YouTuber, @DrKnowItAll, asked Elon Musk when FSD Beta version 11 would be rolling out to testers. He noted that FSD Beta’s old highway stack already performed well, and Tesla set a high bar for itself to improve the current iteration. 

“I’m driving an alpha version of FSD on highway[,] and it’s not quite ready,” replied Elon Musk. “Probably ready for wide release this summer.

Last week, Elon Musk projected that FSD Beta version 10.13 would be released in “two weeks.” He shared that the next version of FSD Beta would have more notable improvements, specifically regarding roundabout maneuverability. 

Recently, a Tesla FSD Beta tester, @jamesdouma, praised the Autopilot Team and Elon Musk for their work on autonomous software. He shared that the software performed perfectly during a 2-hour FSD drive through winding mountain roads and described his experience as “transcendent.” Elon Musk replied to the tester, tweeting back: “In that case, you will really love 10.13.” 

FSD Beta V.10.12 introduced a long list of improvements, including an upgraded decision-making framework for unprotected left turns, improved creeping, and better geometric accuracy. 

On Monday, June 6, Tesla started expanding its pool of Beta testers by lowering the required safety score to enter the program to 93+. Teslarati has received some reports that Tesla lowered the required safety score even more to 91+.

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Tesla FSD Beta V.11 slated for wide release by Summer 2022: Elon Musk
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