Tesla FSD Beta for Right Hand Drive cars estimated for release in late 2022

(Credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk forecasted that Tesla FSD Beta right hand drive (RHD) would be ready for release later this year. FSD Beta RHD would open the program to Tesla owners in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. 

Recently, Tesla Vision expanded to Australia and New Zealand, a significant step in introducing Autopilot advancements and the FSD Beta program in those countries. According to Tesla, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built from June 2022 onwards bound for the Australian and New Zealand markets will have its camera-based Autopilot system. 

At the “All in Summit,” Elon Musk shared that Tesla has considered increasing its pool of Beta testers to 1 million by the end of the year. Releasing FSD Beta right hand drive in Australia and New Zealand would undoubtedly get Tesla closer to 1 million testers. 

Last week, Tesla started taking Model Y orders in RHD countries, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore. Opening Model Y orders in these markets would significantly increase the size of Tesla’s RHD fleet. 

Demand for the Tesla Model Y in RHD countries is through the roof, as shown by its delivery estimates. Elon Musk said that Tesla is working on accelerating RHD Model Y production to meet demand. 

Initially, the Model Y RWD and Model Y Dual Motor AWD’s delivery dates in Australia were set between November 2022 and February 2023. As of this writing, delivery estimates for both Model Y configurations have been moved back between February 2023 to May 2023. 

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Model Y RWD delivery dates were initially set between August to November 2022, and the AWD variant’s was set for November 2022 to February 2023. The RWD variant’s delivery date was pushed back between November to December 2022. The Model Y AWD’s delivery date in New Zealand has not changed. 

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Tesla FSD Beta for Right Hand Drive cars estimated for release in late 2022
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