Tesla FSD takes on infamous race course

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Full Self Driving was put to the test on MotorTrend’s infamous test track.

Besides their fantastic performance capabilities, Tesla vehicles are known for their ability “to drive themselves.” Tesla Full Self Driving is set to dramatically change how we transport ourselves in the coming years, but in one of the most unique tests of the software, it has been pushed to its limit on MotorTrend’s test track.

A video of a Tesla Model 3 using Full Self Driving to navigate the test track was posted on Twitter by Chansoo Byeon, showing just how incredible the software truly is.

It should go without saying that the Tesla Full Self Driving won’t be setting any lap records in the coming months, but its ability to navigate the course is nonetheless a fantastic achievement. Without any traditional painted lines or signage, the Model 3 completed its lap with little to no intervention from the driver.

Unlike on the road, driving on track requires an entirely different mindset and would require a complete reprogramming of Full Self Driving. While on a normal road, one must look for signs, pedestrians, and stop lights; none of those things are found on a race track. Furthermore, without lines, the driver is forced to pick the best path, attempting to hit the apex of corners whenever possible and knowing when to accelerate or break to ensure you meet those turns at the highest possible speed.

As funny as Tesla FSD on track is, some have tried to make that a reality. One racing series, RoboRace, has attempted to make autonomous race cars that would race on the same historic tracks as human-driven racing series, though the series has since folded.

As Tesla FSD heads toward an ever wider release and nears the end of its beta testing environment, it will be interesting to see the technology be used in more and more interesting locations. And who knows, one day, that may even include the race track.

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Tesla FSD takes on infamous race course
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