Tesla gives leniency on Full Self-Driving transferability

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Tesla is giving leniency on its Full Self-Driving transferability and is set to allow drivers to transfer the suite to a new vehicle as long as they place an order before September 30.

The terms outlined by Tesla when it first launched the program stated the car would have to be delivered by September 30, but it seems the company is being lenient.

Tesla announced during the last Earnings Call that it would initiate a temporary period where Full Self-Driving could be transferred from one vehicle to another. Given the lofty $12,000 price for the Full Self-Driving suite, Tesla decided to give owners a break and allow them to transfer their FSD purchase to a new vehicle.

Elon Musk said during the last Earnings Call:

So, we’re excited to announce that for Q3, we will be allowing the transfer of FSD. This is a one-time amnesty. So, it needs to be — you need to take advantage of it in Q3, but — or at least place the order in Q3 within reasonable delivery time frames. So yes, I hope this makes people happy. This is a one-time thing.”

Tesla initially allowed owners to transfer their FSD suite to a new vehicle as long as they took delivery before September 30. That is this Saturday and marks the end of Q3, and it may have been a strategy to offset the potential decrease in sequential deliveries from Q2 to Q3 as factory upgrades took place.

Tesla releases terms of Full Self-Driving transfer

However, it appears that Tesla is going to give some leniency in terms of when the vehicle’s delivery must be complete.

Whole Mars Catalog posted a Tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, earlier today that Tesla would grant an extension to owners who “make an honest effort to take delivery.” Tesla will apparently allow those owners who try to make a delivery occur before the end of the quarter to transfer their FSD suite.

Another Tesla owner said an advisor confirmed this, and said that the automaker would be using the date of order as the qualification on whether FSD transfer would be allowed, and not the date of delivery.

Tesla has not officially confirmed the terms.

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Tesla gives leniency on Full Self-Driving transferability
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