Tesla prepares for Cybertruck delivery event with merch, but it’s still missing non-negotiables

Tesla is evidently preparing for the Cybertruck delivery event, and it is expected to make some type of announcement anytime. This was indicated by the leak of some Cybertruck Launch Team merch that the company is giving employees that will help bring the all-electric pickup to its first owners.

As the Cybertruck is the most anticipated product from Tesla in some time, everyone is aching to know whether the pickup is close to initial deliveries. Tesla confirmed it would hold a delivery event for the pickup at Gigafactory Texas when it was ready to hand over the first units, and it seems they are preparing employees for that task.

On the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum, one member posted a picture of Cybertruck Launch Team merch that Tesla handed out to employees, preparing them for the delivery event that still does not have a set date:

Credit: stumby | Cybertruck Owners Club Forum

While it appears Tesla is preparing for the initial launch of the Cybertruck, and it may be close, there are still some regulatory hurdles that are non-negotiable that the vehicle must go through before deliveries can begin.

These include crash ratings. Testing  may have occurred based on past reports of Cybertrucks displaying damage:

Tesla Cybertruck cabin looks intact after rollover test

They were also en route to presumably the NHTSA’s crash test facility in Ohio. But the NHTSA has not released any information on crash test ratings for the Cybertruck, at least not yet.

The Tesla Cybertruck has also still not been registered with, and EPA officials have stated that when the vehicle is granted a Certificate of Conformity, which would allow it to enter the stream of commerce, it would be available on the site. It is still not on there, which means it has not yet been granted a Certificate of Conformity.

We have reported on those in the past, and when they are granted, Tesla begins deliveries shortly thereafter.

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Tesla prepares for Cybertruck delivery event with merch, but it’s still missing non-negotiables
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